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This complete guide to Pokémon breeding, will give you all the necessary information to become a competent breeder, as well as some tricks you can use to breed faster and more effectively. We’ll delve into the process from start to finish, including obtaining your target Pokémon, passing down different traits, Shiny breeding and much more.

This guide is mostly intended for players who are new to breeding, whether they are new to the Pokémon games, or long-time players of the game. Experienced breeders, while not the target audience, may also find use of this document as it details the changes to breeding in Generation VIII. 

This document is intended as a reference guide where you can look up the aspects of breeding you want to learn about, without having to read it from cover to cover. 

Chapter One goes through the basics of breeding, teaching you how to use the Nursery or Day Care, and how to receive eggs and hatch them. 

Chapter Two details all the items and Pokémon you might need for effective breeding before you start. 

Chapter Three is a detailed breakdown of all the traits relevant to breeding that make up an individual Pokémon, such as Natures, Base Stats, IVs, EVs, and more.

Chapter Four takes you through breeding a Pokémon from start to finish, including catching the Pokémon you want to breed. It teaches you how to pass down different traits and also goes into how to effectively breed for Shiny Pokémon. It also gives helpful insights on how to make optimal decisions when breeding. 

After the closing words in Chapter Five, you will find some useful appendices that list the Pokémon in the Galar Pokédex by various traits that can be used for quickly looking up information.

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