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Hey, so I played your game in a compilation of other which were picked at random. I hope you like the play through I gave your game and that I gave it the due diligence it deserved. Thank you so much for making this and posting it for people like me to play! I encourage anyone to try it and have a go!

Hey man, i love your videos! Think you can give our game "FruitFat" a go?? It's a casual catching game which is pretty hard to master!

I would love to! Consider it done (in a few days)!

Talamann Gaming

Thanks a lot!! hope you enjoy it :)

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It just occurred to me how hard it must've been to move all of that furniture in. And I just realized what the arrows are for.

haven't played yet but based on the description i'm guessing it has something to do with the konami code?

It is actually pretty much what it says on the tin. But you can try out the Konami Code and see what happens?

That was a really fun crazy little game but I have a few questions. 

Does 16 sided cube mean something or is it supposed to be silly? Just wondering if there is some math/geometry meaning to the term.

Am I dumb if I play through to the end and still can't figure out how to get to the room I want without random guesses?

And about the code I found (you know the one). Does it mean something in the game or just a thing to see if anyone catches it? :)


Thanks again for playing! To answer your questions:

1) The map, the arrows, and the room connections *are* logically consistent. There *is* a pattern to it, but obviously I'm not going to reveal it here. ;)

2) No! Absolutely not! The feeling of confusion is exactly what I wanted to invoke with this game!

3) It doesn't exactly mean anything. It's just an easter egg.

This is the perfect flavor of disorienting. I would love to see more iterations of this!


Thank you for your comment! There might come an update, but I don't know yet. <3